Review: Transformers #7

Heavy is the Crown

Daniel Warren Johnson delivers yet again with great art and an even better Transformers story. Both the Autobots and Decepticons are licking their wounds from the previous battles and are regrouping. for the Deception’s, Starscream is being treated how he treats others and pays the price. Arcee is recalling her experiences in the war for Cybertron and is trying to help Carley not repeat her mistakes. Optimus is trying to comfort Spike after his father’s sacrifice. This is a transitional story, we can tell that the next issue things are going to heat up but time is not waisted with this story. You get great character moments and some interesting backstory for Arcee. Also, great news if you are a Soundwave fan. The art is dynamic and visceral. The pages are packed with visual information, making you want to keep looking for some new tidbit or detail. The only problem is that I have to wait until the next issue for more!

Review: Void Rivals #1-3

A Dynamic Introduction to the Energon Universe

Void Rivals #1-3 serves as an engaging and captivating introduction to the Energon Universe, a realm encompassing the beloved characters from the Hasbro universe, including Transformers and G.I. Joe. While it may be tempting to dismiss this series as merely a backdrop for more familiar characters, Void Rivals proves to be a standout story in its own right. With clean and dynamic artwork and a well-executed narrative, this comic series draws readers into its enthralling world.

The Energon Universe, encompassing characters from both Transformers and G.I. Joe, provides a unique and intriguing setting for this series. While it serves as an introduction, Void Rivals demonstrates that it’s far from a throwaway title. The storytelling delves into the heart of the conflict, crafting a tale that is both engaging and enjoyable even for readers who might be more familiar with the prominent characters.

The standout element of Void Rivals is its execution. While the premise may not be entirely new, the narrative’s delivery is what truly captivates the audience. The dynamic storytelling and character development keep readers invested in the fate of the protagonists. It’s not just the promise of the appearance of well-known characters that draws readers in; it’s the intriguing story itself.

The comic follows two main characters from opposing factions who are forced to put aside their differences to survive. This dynamic adds depth to the narrative, creating opportunities for character growth and compelling interactions. The character moments are a highlight, and the art style’s simplicity and animated quality enhance these moments, making the emotions and actions of the characters resonate effectively.

The artwork in Void Rivals is clean and visually appealing, with a dynamic quality that adds energy to the storytelling. The simplicity of the art style complements the narrative, creating a seamless visual experience that draws readers into the story. The promise of seeing iconic Transformers and G.I. Joe characters within this art style adds an extra layer of excitement.

In conclusion, Void Rivals #1-3 presents a dynamic and engaging introduction to the Energon Universe, featuring characters from the Hasbro universe such as the Transformers. The series goes beyond being a mere backdrop, offering an enthralling story with clean and dynamic artwork. The execution of the narrative, along with character moments and interactions, makes this comic a true gem in its own right. Whether you’re a fan of the well-known characters or simply seeking an exciting story, Void Rivals is a promising series that holds its own and paves the way for a captivating journey within the Energon Universe.