Green Lantern

Review: Green Lantern #9

Green is the New Green

This was a nice payoff for the last few issues. It answers a few things but leaves more to be answered. this was a great setup for the next issues to come. I was happy to see the reason for Hal’s ring issues and I’m excited to see where things will go.

The Art: I loved the art in this issue. There were some really cool panel layouts and solid art throughout. there were some great pages that really sold a sense of scale that works great for a story set in space.

The Story: I’ve been out of the loop from GL stories so I was a little lost but the story was still enjoyable as sort of a cap to the last 8 issues.

It’s my hope that the Gl corps gets back to at least some of its former glory. I think it will but it will take time. I’m defiantly along for the ride!