Comic Talk Cafe is a labor of love by a small group of comic book fans in San Diego, CA. It started in 2006 with Jonathan Towry and Norrin Powell. Later, Jonathan’s wife, Rachel joined along with mutual friends, Shad and Heidi. In 2008 Jonathan and Rachel moved to North Carolina. Moving to a new time zone and raising a family along with other considerations moved Jonathan to stop production of the podcast. He continued to collect comics for a while but not too long after that stopped as well. Fast forward more than 15 years later and Jonathan and Rachel are back! Collecting comics and starting up the podcast again. This time they are joined by their son, Logan.

The Show

Comic Talk Cafe is really a collection of smaller podcasts. Each have something different to offer. The main program, Comic Talk Cafe, is a longer form discussion that includes at least Jonathan and Rachel and sometimes Logan, these could include reviews of movies, and other pop culture items and events. The Comic Talk Cafe: Minis are short form reviews, usually no more than 15 minutes covering a single topic. Comic Talk Cafe: One Shots are special episodes that usually cover a single topic like a comic story arc or Marvel books coming out in the near future. Keep in mind that we try not to spoil too much when we do reviews but it can happen. We actively get into story details when we cover a topic in the Comic Talk Cafe: One Shots. One of our favorite things to do in the past have been interviewing creators. Hopefully soon we will get back to that!


Jonathan Towry

Jonathan has been a fan of comic books from a young age. At around 8 or 9 his dad got him issue 2 of Super Mario Bros from Valiant Comics (still has it btw). Ever since then he was hooked. He has been an artistic person for as long as he could hold a pencil. In his teens and twenties tried his hand at creating comics and later started using his skills to start Comic Talk Cafe, creating the site and podcast. After a long hiatus is now again producing the show. He also as kept creative in other ways such as starting his own video game, and card game.

Rachel Towry

Logan Towry

Legacy Hosts

Norrin Powell

Shad and Heidi N