May 2024

Review: Transformers #7

Heavy is the Crown

Daniel Warren Johnson delivers yet again with great art and an even better Transformers story. Both the Autobots and Decepticons are licking their wounds from the previous battles and are regrouping. for the Deception’s, Starscream is being treated how he treats others and pays the price. Arcee is recalling her experiences in the war for Cybertron and is trying to help Carley not repeat her mistakes. Optimus is trying to comfort Spike after his father’s sacrifice. This is a transitional story, we can tell that the next issue things are going to heat up but time is not waisted with this story. You get great character moments and some interesting backstory for Arcee. Also, great news if you are a Soundwave fan. The art is dynamic and visceral. The pages are packed with visual information, making you want to keep looking for some new tidbit or detail. The only problem is that I have to wait until the next issue for more!

Review: Green Lantern #9

Green is the New Green

This was a nice payoff for the last few issues. It answers a few things but leaves more to be answered. this was a great setup for the next issues to come. I was happy to see the reason for Hal’s ring issues and I’m excited to see where things will go.

The Art: I loved the art in this issue. There were some really cool panel layouts and solid art throughout. there were some great pages that really sold a sense of scale that works great for a story set in space.

The Story: I’ve been out of the loop from GL stories so I was a little lost but the story was still enjoyable as sort of a cap to the last 8 issues.

It’s my hope that the Gl corps gets back to at least some of its former glory. I think it will but it will take time. I’m defiantly along for the ride!

Review: Robo Force #1

Suction Cup action not included!

The story does not follow the original as far as I can tell. Not that it really matters, these stories were conceived to sell toys. That being said, I was not really grabbed by this new story. This is the beginning and I’ll give a chance to develop. The art is nice and bright. Has the feel of a Saturday morning cartoon. I like the robot designs, they strike a nice balance between the original toys and iterates them to make them more interesting. I like the idea of taking these somewhat forgotten toy lines and making a connected story universe out of them. I’m looking forward to some of other books coming in the Nacelleverse like Biker Mice from Mars.