April 2024

Review: Void Rivals #8

The long walk

Our two main protagonists are walking to the center of their divided world. Trying to survive being hunted by the most fearsome warrior of their two lands.

This issue felt a bit like filer, not really moving the plot forward too much. Some good action but otherwise not any big revelations.

The Story: Again not too much in new story point, maybe some hints at what’s to come. Some good character moments between the two main characters though.

The Art: the art is great as it has been. It has a nice Tron like feel but not over the top. The world feels alien but is relatable. the action was nice but some of the font work I felt got in the way.

Review: Usagi Yojimbo #275

The Crow part 1

Stan Sakai does not disappoint with this start of a new storyline. With the snowy mountains behind them usagi and his cousin are in a new and welcomed warmer place. Hoping for some peace they come upon a person being assaulted by four others. Rescuing him seems like it will be a problem for the pair.

Thus starts “The Crow” the latest storyline in this 40 year journey. I feel like this was a great start and I’m looking forward to the next issue.

The art: Stan is nothing if not consistent, great classic line work. Lots of detail and great characterizations of emotion for the characters. The colors by Hi-Fi are stubble and complement, not overpower the line work.

The Story: Though not a very original premise, it’s the beat by beat character moments that are enjoyable here. The older, wiser Usagi and his younger impetuous cousin are a nice pair. You feel like both could learn from each other. Of course it’s great to have an appearance from the supporting cast like Gin.