Review: “GROO in the Wild 1-2”

Review: “GROO in the Wild 1-2”

Groo is back, and true to form, he remains as delightfully dim-witted as ever. Fans of Sergio Aragones and Mark Evanier will find their collaboration in “GROO in the Wild” a nostalgic treat, replete with the whimsicality and absurdities we’ve come to love. It’s clear that Groo has retained his iconic charm, inadvertently wreaking havoc wherever he roams, much to the delight (and sometimes dismay) of longtime fans like me.

There’s an unmistakable trace of satire within Groo’s adventures. Reminiscent of tales starring Conan the Barbarian, Groo comically bumbles his way through, offering a hilarious contrast to the usual fierce and competent warrior archetype. Accompanied by Rufferto, his much sharper canine sidekick, the pair showcase a dynamic that’s both heartwarming and hilariously unbalanced.

The latest miniseries, “In the Wild,” has proven to be no exception. The first issue immerses us into familiar territories with Groo inadvertently stirring up pandemonium. Yet, as we delve into the second issue, a novel and intriguing theme begins to unfurl. While Groo’s tales have often been light-hearted and nonsensical, this story hints at a deeper message, making readers curious about the potential moral lesson Aragones and Evanier might be weaving into the narrative.

In summary, “GROO in the Wild 1-2” successfully marries the classic Groo essence with a fresh thematic direction. Here’s hoping that Aragones and Evanier continue to regale us with Groo’s misadventures for many more years. Highly recommended for both old fans seeking a dose of nostalgia and newcomers ready to dive into the quirky world of Groo!

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