Review: “Black Panther 3”

Review: “Black Panther 3”

“Black Panther 3” delivers a steady, albeit somewhat middling, installment in the series. The artwork, while adequate, presents a few standout panels that genuinely capture the eye. However, the consistency in quality appears to waver at points, making the overall visual experience feel somewhat uneven.

Narratively, this issue delves deeper into the intricacies of the city’s political landscape, particularly the dynamics between the two dominant families. This backstory offers a richer understanding of the unfolding drama, although the pacing might feel slightly restrained to some. Fortunately, the conclusion promises an intriguing setup for the upcoming issue, sparking curiosity for what lies ahead.

Overall, while “Black Panther 3” might not be the most memorable entry in the series, it serves as a functional bridge, setting the stage for potential excitement in future issues.

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