Review: The Amazing Spider-Man #32

A Shift in Tone and Artistry

The Amazing Spider-Man #32 marks a notable change in both art and tone that might not resonate with all readers, particularly those who enjoyed the offbeat and fun tone of the previous arc with artist Ed McGuinness. While Patrick Gleason’s art is by no means lacking, the transition may leave some fans yearning for the previous aesthetic.

The issue introduces a new storyline involving Kraven and the Goblin Queen, who wield a mysterious spear containing the essence of the Green Goblin’s evil. This premise adds an intriguing element to the narrative, but it also contributes to the overarching sense that a lot has been happening in Peter Parker’s world over the past decade. For readers who might not have kept up with every development, this can create a feeling of being lost and less invested in the current storyline.

The shift in tone, especially from a more fun and offbeat atmosphere to a potentially darker and more complex one, can be jarring for some readers. Preferences in storytelling and art can vary widely, and this change may not align with everyone’s tastes.

However, it’s worth noting that comic book series often go through shifts in creative teams and tones, which can bring both new opportunities and challenges. While the current storyline might not resonate with all readers, the anticipation of the upcoming “Gang War” arc suggests that The Amazing Spider-Man may offer a more appealing direction in the future.

In conclusion, The Amazing Spider-Man #32 represents a shift in both artistry and tone, which may not be to the liking of readers who enjoyed the previous arc’s offbeat and fun style. The introduction of new elements in the storyline has the potential to engage readers, but it can also leave some feeling disconnected from the broader narrative. As the series progresses and explores different arcs, it remains to be seen if the current storyline will evolve in a way that resonates with a wider audience or if readers will find more satisfaction in the upcoming “Gang War” arc.

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