June 2023

Review: Ultimate Invasion #1

A Promising Return to the Ultimate Universe

Review: Jonathan Hickman, Bryan Hitch, and the talented colorist Alex Sinclair have joined forces to deliver an exciting start to the return of the Ultimate Universe in “The Ultimate Invasion” comic. As a fan of Hickman’s previous works, I was thrilled to see his return, and the creative team did not disappoint. With a captivating story, stunning artwork, and intriguing characters, this comic sets the stage for an epic tale.

The story revolves around the Maker, an evil version of Reed Richards from the Ultimate Universe, as he sets out to reshape his home. This premise immediately grabs attention, raising the question of how the heroes will confront the brilliant and dangerous antagonist. Hickman skillfully weaves an engaging narrative that keeps readers on the edge of their seats, blending high-stakes action with intellectual challenges. The pacing is well-managed, allowing for moments of tension and character development to unfold naturally.

Bryan Hitch’s artwork brings a classic comic book style to the pages, paying homage to the medium’s history while infusing it with his own unique touch. His attention to detail and dynamic panel compositions create visually striking scenes that enhance the storytelling. Despite the familiarity of the style, Hitch manages to inject freshness into the artwork, ensuring it never feels tired or repetitive.

The color work by Alex Sinclair deserves special mention. Sinclair’s expertise shines through as he skillfully crafts vibrant and emotive color sequences that enhance the storytelling. The subtle use of color effectively conveys the characters’ emotions and adds depth to the overall visuals. Sinclair’s contribution is a key component in bringing the story to life, immersing readers in the world of the Ultimate Invasion.

While the comic offers an oversized issue and enticing bonus content, the price of $8.99 may be a deterrent for some readers. It’s understandable that the additional content justifies the higher price, but it may pose a challenge for those on a budget. However, for fans invested in the Ultimate Universe and Hickman’s work, the extra cost may be well worth it.

In conclusion, “The Ultimate Invasion” is a promising return to the beloved Ultimate Universe. Jonathan Hickman, Bryan Hitch, and Alex Sinclair have crafted an engaging story that introduces intriguing characters and poses exciting challenges. The artwork, with its classic yet refreshed style, is visually appealing, while the colors add an extra layer of depth to the storytelling. Despite the higher price, the quality and potential of this comic make it an exciting addition to any collection. I eagerly anticipate the continuation of this gripping tale.

Review: Godzilla: Here There be Dragons #1

A Captivating Blend of Pirates and Kaiju

Review: Godzilla: Here There be Dragons #1 sets sail on an unexpected adventure, seamlessly blending the realms of pirates and kaiju in a captivating manner. While the comic may not immediately reveal its Godzilla connection, it still manages to deliver an engaging story, compelling artwork, and intriguing dialogue that hold readers’ attention even before the mighty monster’s arrival. The clever world-building and unique fusion of genres make this comic a thrilling and enjoyable experience.

At first glance, the comic’s cover may not immediately suggest its Godzilla affiliation, but the narrative quickly unravels a pirate’s tale woven together with a desperate struggle for survival. The initial focus on a pirate storyteller, fighting to save his own life through his narrative prowess, creates a sense of intrigue and anticipation. Despite Godzilla’s delayed appearance until the end, the story, art, and dialogue remain compelling enough to entertain readers throughout the issue.

One of the highlights of Godzilla: Here There be Dragons #1 is the skillful world-building and the writer’s ingenious approach to integrating the Godzilla mythos with the world of swashbuckling pirates. This seamless fusion adds a unique flavor to the story, breathing fresh life into both genres. The comic successfully establishes a connection between these seemingly disparate worlds, leaving readers eager to uncover how they will intertwine further in the upcoming issues.

The art in this comic complements the narrative perfectly, with detailed and visually appealing illustrations. While Godzilla’s appearance is limited in this first issue, the artwork still captures the essence of both the pirate setting and the anticipation of the kaiju’s impending arrival. The attention to detail and the ability to evoke a sense of tension and wonder enhance the overall reading experience, immersing readers in the comic’s world.

The dialogue in Godzilla: Here There be Dragons #1 is well-crafted, engaging, and effectively conveys the characters’ emotions and motivations. The pacing of the story keeps the narrative flowing smoothly, gradually building towards the climactic introduction of Godzilla. Despite the delayed appearance of the titular character, the strength of the storytelling ensures that readers remain invested and intrigued.

By the end of the first issue, Godzilla: Here There be Dragons succeeds in hooking readers with its captivating blend of pirates and kaiju. The unexpected fusion of these two genres, along with the promise of further exploration and connection, creates a sense of excitement and anticipation for the journey ahead.

In conclusion, Godzilla: Here There be Dragons #1 presents a refreshing and imaginative take on the iconic monster’s mythos, intertwining it with the world of pirates. The comic delivers an entertaining story, engaging artwork, and skillful dialogue that hold readers’ interest even before Godzilla’s appearance. With its clever world-building and promising setup, this issue leaves readers eagerly awaiting the continuation of this thrilling adventure.